Mother Gavriilia – On the Reciprocation of Love

“In Friendship and in “worldly” Love there should be a response. It cannot be otherwise. But Love as taught by Christ for the first time, is offered without expecting anything in return. This is the great, the vast difference. In this Love, the Ego no longer exists. Our own self ceases to be. We give our love to the other as we receive it from God, without any thought as to what he does with it… This is what is important”.

– You mean the way Christ loved.

“Exactly. And also the way that quite a lot of people love today. All persons of God love in this way. They do not love because they expect something in return from the one they love. They love because if you cease loving you cease living. Those who have not felt that, have of God at all. Not at all. Because they are concerned only with themselves, all the time… “You see? I love this person so much and he does not reciprocate my feelings. I did so many sacrifices for him”…

You hear such nonsense so often! It has nothing to do with Love according to God, which comes from the Source of Love, goes to the other and returns to the Source. Who am I to expect and wonder whether the other person loves me or not? Do we feel «in union» with God? What else do we want? This is our sole purpose in life!


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