Mother Gavriilia – On the Holy Angels


“The Angels are always ready to help us. I have seen it happen with my eyes, with the eyes of my mind – even at the most difficult moments… When I was in India, jackals, a whole pack of jackals, with their eyes glowing in the dark, rushed in my direction in the jungle forest and God made me invisible to them, as if I didn’t exist. Wasn’t that protection by the Angels? What do you think? After such adventures nothing frightens me… And something else too. When we have love in our heart, the Angels become our best “colleagues”.

They are the ones to come when, at times, we ask ourselves: “Where am I to go now? What shall I find there”? I travelled a lot in my life and happened to move from one place to another, without any material security, but always with the protection of the Angels. I used to say, as I still do: “I am going from something good to something better”. Always gladly, even if it meant something worse or physically harder. Because I know that it is in God’s Plan. This is what you should do all the time, my child. No matter where you are. No matter who is near you. No matter who offends you or upsets you. No matter who loves you.

Mother Gavriilia

EVERYTHING that happens is in God’s Plan, and because of that you will love it…”

– Gerondissa, this secret voice that we “hear” many times, is it our Angel?

– Yes. And we must become aware of it. We must recognize it clearly. Then, little by little, God will grant us the holy power of Discernment to put it into practice…

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  1. Attou says:

    Will like to know more about Angels

  2. Chrissoula Parnassa says:

    I love her!

    • adminkat says:

      Thank you dear Chrissoula. She was a very special person, I am sure she is by the side of our Lord now. God bless you!

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