Mother Gavriilia – On gratitude

“I want to tell you to be very careful on the subject of gratitude. Never expect gratitude from others. It is you who must be grateful, immensely grateful. When you become conscious of that, you will have God’s Blessing. Do you know why? Because when God wants to help someone – you, for example – He will send somebody to do it. This somebody could be anyone. That is to say, if God had not sent this particular person, He would have sent another one. You would have been helped anyhow. My help is from the Lord”. Who am I therefore – this “anyone” – to take pride in helping?

Sometimes we hear someone say: “If it weren’t for me, this could not have been done!”and other such nonsense. Whereas everything would have been done! Do you understand why? Because, as we are told, God can make children for Abraham even out of stones and send them to help the world!

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