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Panagia of Thebes

The great Panagia of Thebes

According to tradition, the Great Panagia of Thebes was painted by Apostle and Euangelist Luke at 70 a.C. The icon of Great Panagia is conected to historical sayings, legends and traditions of Greece.

Holy liturgy - Jesus Christ

Why do the Orthodox stick to Byzantine Services

Question: ‘Why do the Orthodox stick to Byzantine Services?’ S.M.: ‘The Byzantine rite is actually not purely Byzantine. But for now I leave aside the history of all the elements. ‘Conformity itself does not...

Elder Aimilianos - Simonopetra

Find our fellow man

“If we do decide to stop living on our own – and throw open the doors for light to enter – then we’ll discover that, while we were looking for God, we also found...


Mother Gavriilia – On Loving and… being in Love

“Love, Eros, is the most beautiful thing in a person’s life. When it first appears, it is like a flower that blossoms without knowing why! Because the heart is confused, and the love which...


Mother Gavriilia – On the Holy Angels

“The Angels are always ready to help us. I have seen it happen with my eyes, with the eyes of my mind – even at the most difficult moments… When I was in India,...

holy cross

Mother Gavriilia – On Visions and Grace

“The Grace of God grants us a state of Joy, Serenity, Equanimity. Then, it isn’t necessary for us to have Visions and Experiences, particularly if we are of those who talk about them… For...


Mother Gavriilia – On God’s will

“When you wish deeply to act always according to the Will of God, He will reveal It to you. This is what He asks. He wants us to reach out our hand for His...


Mother Gavriilia – On the Reciprocation of Love

“In Friendship and in “worldly” Love there should be a response. It cannot be otherwise. But Love as taught by Christ for the first time, is offered without expecting anything in return. This is...